Kickstart your drone program as per the new MCDR Rules

Skylark is committed to helping mining companies in India start their drone programs and enable them to comply to the new MCDR rules



Empower Your Mines

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 What do you get as a part of our MCDR program?
  • Free processing and outputs for the first survey of the first work-site (pay only for the Drone + operator)

  • A dedicated customer support team of GIS experts to guide you through the entire process

  • Surface Plan Updation, Orthomosaic Map, Spot levels, DEMs, Contours etc

  • Transparent Pricing

  • 24x7 on-field support
Drone solutions

Why drones in Mining?


High Accuracy

Gives accurate maps and surface plans which is far better than  manual or total station surveys



Measure volumes 4x faster without ever stepping foot inside the mine



Helps you Visualize all maps and DEMs on our web-based platform without any additional software



Eliminates the safety risks of manual inspections

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